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Personal Injury Results

Below you will find some of the personal injury results and other notable settlements our attorneys have obtained for our clients.

$26.4 Million – Negligent Supervision Resulting in Sexual Molestation

Our client was forced to endure unimaginable atrocities at the hands of his uncle, all while being babysat by his grandmother. Our client’s grandmother did not heed prior warnings of such acts and did not provide adequate supervision to her grandchild. After being given a chance to settle, the defendant’s insurance carrier, Auto-Owners, refused, claiming that their insured was not negligent. The case proceeded to trial where the jury returned a $26.4 million verdict for our client who will suffer a lifetime of problems as the result of these heinous atrocities. Because Auto-Owners did not accept a $2 million proposal for settlement early in litigation, the defendant was also left responsible for the plaintiff’s attorney’s fees.

$15,078,730 – Negligence resulting in Sexual Molestation

Our client was heinously molested when his Grandmother left him unsupervised with her new husband, whom she knew had previously been accused of sex acts on minors.  Although no amount of money will ever replace the innocence and childhood which was lost by our client, this award does bring some sort of justice to our deserving client.

$14,968,930.00 – Negligence resulting in Sexual Molestation

As the sister of the above client, she too endured repeated sex acts at the hands of her Grandmother’s new husband.  Facing a lifetime of hardships caused by these unimaginable events, this award will provide her the needed treatment and well-deserved justice.

$2 Million – Motorcycle Accident

Our client was severely injured in a motorcycle accident as the result of the negligence of a driver who pulled out in front of him.

$1.85 Million – Motorcycle Accident

In this tragic accident, our client was killed on a motorcycle which was unfortunately witnessed by his entire family who was following along behind him. He left behind a wife and two children.

1.5 Million – Negligent Supervision resulting in Sexual Molestation

Details Confidential

$1.17 Million – Slip and Fall

A Marion County jury returned the above verdict for our handicapped client who was injured due to the negligence of Goodwill Suncoast Inc. Not only did Goodwill fail to act as a reasonably prudent company, but they also failed to follow their own policies and procedures which led to our client being knocked down by a commercial rolling clothes rack which severely injured her shoulder leading to multiple surgeries including a reverse shoulder replacement.

$1.08 Million – Medical Malpractice

Our client died as a result of misdiagnosis and failure to reverse a failed gastric bypass.

$1.1 Million – Head-on Collision Auto Accident

Policy limits tendered for the estate of our client and her survivors after she was tragically killed in a head-on collision when the driver of a commercial vehicle carelessly crossed the center line.

$1.01 Million – Auto Accident

Our client was the backseat passenger of a pickup truck that left the road at a high rate of speed hitting several objects alongside the road and eventually rolling over. Our client left behind a 2-year-old daughter.

$1 Million – Auto Accident

Our client was severely injured while riding his motorcycle when a tractor-trailer violated his right away. The insurance carrier originally argued that our client was racing but quickly tendered their policy limits, abandoning that argument when the suit was threatened.

1 Million – Auto Accident

Our client suffered neck and back injuries following an accident caused by a negligent driver.

$990,416.55 – Auto Accident

Our client and a former deputy sheriff were injured while on duty as the result of a drunk driver. The client suffered an ankle injury and a back injury, both of which required surgery. The drunk driver’s insurance carrier, State Farm, argued that the injuries were pre-existing and only ever offered $100,000 to settle the claim. The trial resulted in an $840,000 jury verdict and following that defeat, State Farm settled the claim for the total judgment of $990,416.55, which included attorney’s fees and costs for having not accepted an earlier proposal for settlement.

$750,000 -Auto Accident

Our client was killed when a school bus ran a stop sign. Our client’s vehicle hit the side of the school bus and went underneath. Making matters worse, our client’s son was on the bus and witnessed the accident. The school board was protected by a $100,000 cap on damages but when faced with the prospects of our firm successfully obtaining a claims bill from the Florida Legislature and governor, the school board decided to pay over seven times its limits to settle the case.

$615,000 – Recovered

Our client was injured in an auto accident.  Our client required a lumbar fusion as a result of the injuries she suffered in the accident.

$500,000 – Auto Accident

Details confidential

$500,000 – Car Accident

Our client fractured her ankle when a negligent driver pulled out in front of her on 441 in The Villages.

$475,000 – Motorcycle Accident

Our client rear-ended another vehicle after the driver of that vehicle inexplicably stopped at a green light.  Not only was our client wrongfully charged with careless driving, but the insurance company for the other driver refused to pay our client’s claim, hiding behind Florida law that presumed our client to be negligent.  After many months of litigation, our client was vindicated and paid what she deserved.

$433,000 – Auto Accident

Details confidential

$425,000.00 – Slip and Fall

Details Confidential

$425,000 – Slip and Fall

Verdict against Steak ‘n Shake. A federal jury returned a verdict for our client who had to undergo knee replacement following a slip and fall. Steak ‘n Shake denied all responsibility and argued that even if they were liable they didn’t cause our clients injuries. They only ever offered our client $950 to settle her claim. Justice delivered for a deserving client.

$425,000 – Slip and Fall

Our client was a child born prematurely due to injuries received by her mother when she slipped and fell in a restaurant bathroom which had a leaking toilet. Our client was born with a form of cerebral palsy. The defendant initially denied any wrongdoing and blamed the child’s injuries on a myriad of other reasons, including the mother’s already high-risk pregnancy. Ultimately, the defendant settled in the face of a jury trial.

$415,000.00 – Auto Accident

Our client suffered a neck injury when she was sideswiped by a negligent driver. The at faults insurance company continually lowballed our client claiming her injuries were not related to the accident. On the eve of trial facing a probable loss, they finally did the right thing and settled her case for full value.

$400,000.00 – Tractor Trailer Accident

Truck Accident involving disputed liability.  Although originally charged in the accident, extensive litigation proved that the driver of the tractor trailer was actually speeding at the time of the accident and thus at fault.

$365,000.00 – Auto Accident

Details Confidential

$360,000 – Auto Accident

Our client was hit head-on by a drunk driver and suffered significant injuries, including the need for back surgery and the placement of rods to stabilize his spine.

$350,000 – Negligent Supervision

Personal injury results. Details confidential

$350,000 – Auto Accident

Policy limits were quickly tendered for our client who suffered a rollover collision resulting in serious injuries.

$345,000 – Auto Accident

Our client was riding in the back seat of her brother’s pickup truck when he began “horsing around” on a dirt road, causing the truck to roll over and fracture our client’s arm. Our client underwent surgery and the placement of a rod in her humerus. The insurance company fought this case vigorously up until the jury had been picked and trial was to begin.

$300,000.00 – Auto Accident

When one of the big advertising firms told their client that he should settle his case for $20,000.00, he fired them and turned to us. Following our aggressive and successful litigation of his rear-end collision accident we were able to obtain a $300,000.00 settlement, Fifteen times that which his prior attorney had suggested he accept.

$300,000 – Details confidential

$300,000 – Premises Liability

Our client was injured when a piece of horse training equipment fell on him, fracturing several vertebrae in his spine.

$300,000 – Premises Liability

While employed as a pest control specialist, our client slipped and fell on the slippery steps at the defendant’s house. The steps had been painted with a slippery outdoor enamel paint to which no abrasive had been added. Our client suffered a back injury that required surgery and fusion with the placement of rods.

$275,000 – Slip and Fall

Our out of state client slipped and fell on a wet ramp while visiting a local hotel.  The ramp was painted but did not include appropriate aggregate material to make it slip-resistant and safe.  After returning to his home state our client hired two different attorneys, who after trying to settle his case ultimately told him they could not help him.  After contacting our office, we filed suit and shortly thereafter settled his case.

$275,000 – Trip and Fall

Our client tripped and fell on an improperly and poorly maintained side walk leading to a knee injury.

$260,000 – Auto Accident

Recovery for our client who was injured in what the defendant’s insurance company argued was a minor impact soft tissue injury case. Ultimately our client had to undergo surgery to repair a herniated disc in her lower back. Although the insurance carrier argued to the end that they were not responsible, they tendered their policy limits prior to our firm having to file a lawsuit.

$250,000 – Auto Accident

Our client was asleep in the front seat of a car driven by his girlfriend when she carelessly ran off the road and hit a tree. Upon impact, our client fractured his wrist, which required surgery. Our client tried for over a year to resolve the case on his own; however, the at-fault insurance company continually failed to do the right thing by him. Once he hired our firm, we were able to resolve the claim for the at-fault parties’ full policy limits without the need to file a lawsuit.

$250,000 – Auto Accident

Our client was injured when a speeding cement truck with faulty brakes and a poorly trained driver failed to stop timely and broadsided her car. This case was litigated extensively but settled shortly before a jury trial.

$250,000 – Auto Accident

Personal injury results. Details confidential.

$250,000 – Auto Accident

Personal injury results. Details confidential.

$225,000.00 – Fall from Horse

Details Confidential

$225,000.00 – Car Accident

Our client suffered neck and back injuries after being rear-ended by a driver who was distracted. Our client did not require surgery, but we were still able to resolve his case for full value following the filing of a lawsuit.

$225,000.00 – Auto Accident

Our client was injured when another motorist ran a stop sign and violated her right of way. Our client was diagnosed with a compression fracture of her spine. The full settlement was obtained after a short period of aggressive litigation by our firm.

$225,000.00 – Auto Accident

Our client was injured in a company work van while being driven to work with a group of co-workers.  Liability was disputed claiming our clients driver ran a red light.  Litigation proved otherwise and brought justice to our deserving client.

$210,000 – Policy limits were tendered

Our client was t-boned in an intersection collision when the at-fault driver ran a red light.

$205,000 – Auto Accident

Personal injury results. Details confidential.

$200,000 – Auto Accident

Our client was originally represented by another law firm. When that law firm told our client they could not help her based upon the facts of her case, she contacted us. We litigated the case for over a year but ultimately settled with the at-fault party shortly before trial.

$200,000.00 – Negligent Shooting 

We represented a nurse who was injured as the result of the negligence of a law enforcement officer in negligently discharging his firearm, injuring our client’s leg who was an innocent bystander.  The full Sovereign limits were paid by the law enforcement agency.

$200,000 – Auto Accident

Our client was rear-ended on the interstate resulting in the need for neck surgery. Policy Limits were tendered shortly after our engagement.

$200,000 – Auto Accident

Our client was involved in an auto accident that exacerbated prior injuries he had suffered in several other prior auto accidents.

$200,000 – Auto Accident

Our client was injured in an automobile accident on the Florida Turnpike.  As a result of the accident, she suffered a fractured collarbone requiring surgery.

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