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Who’s liable if your loved one is killed in a golf cart accident?

If you are like most in Ocala County, then the thought of a day out on the golf course conjures up images of rest and relaxation rather than the potential for death. Yet have you ever stopped to think about the dangers that you or a family member could face on the golf course, particularly from golf carts? If someone you loved were to crash or overturn a golf cart, his or her potential to sustain serious injuries or even death is still very high. In fact, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that every year, golf-cart related accidents send over 13,000 people to the emergency room.

The levels of loss of consortium in Florida

While the financial support lost when one loses a loved one in Ocala can be devastating, the emotional void that person leaves behind can be just as difficult to overcome. Nothing can replace the role that person served in the lives of his or her family and friends. If his or her death was due to negligence, those most impacted could have a strong claim for compensation to help make the pain and suffering that they are now forced to endure somewhat easier.

Tote Services sued by family of missing El Faro crewmen

When Marion County residents hold dangerous jobs, many may believe that knowingly assume any of the risks that come with them. While that may be deemed true in certain cases, such workers and their families should still reasonably expect employers to provide working conditions that are as safe as possible in order to avoid the potential for injury or death. If such standards are not met, and the result of such apparent negligence results in death, then victims’ family members may have cause to pursue a wrongful death claim.

What responsibilities do dangerous dog owners have?

Countless residents in Marion County enjoy the companionship of dogs. Yet what happens when dogs become deadly? Dog maulings are not all that uncommon, yet in some cases, particularly those involving children and the elderly, such attacks can easily be fatal. In many reported cases, it is not the first time that these animals have attacked. Typically, one attack is sufficient to classify a dog as dangerous. Once his or her dog earns that distinction, a dog owner is expected to maintain his or her pet under very strict conditions. If you have lost a loved one to a dog attack, it’s important that you know what these state laws regarding dangerous dogs are so that you can determine whether or not the owner adhered to them in your case.

Can you sue for wrongful death after having signed a waiver?

Marion County offers plenty of places of diversion for you and your family. Yet if one of your family members is killed on any of these properties after you have signed a waiver if liability, are you still able to pursue a wrongful death claim (provided that it is warranted)? Your immediate reaction may be to assume that you can’t, yet that’s not always the case.

Helping people who have lost loved ones due to wrongful death

If you have recently lost a loved one due to wrongful death, you may be experiencing a number of challenges. Losing a family member because of another's negligence can cause a considerable amount of emotional pain and loss of companionship, but it can also result in other problems, such as financial difficulties. At the King Law Firm, we take these tragedies very seriously and fight for the rights of people who are dealing with this in Ocala, Florida.

Navigating the aftermath of fatal accidents

An accident can completely change a person's life in the blink of an eye. Most people in Ocala probably conjure up images of devastating motor vehicle accidents when they think about these kinds of sudden and life-changing events. But, these accidents can take other forms too, like a medical mistake by a doctor or other healthcare professional, or a defective product that injures the user.

Doctors and patients should try to prevent medical malpractice

Anyone in Ocala who has ever been sick or injured understands how much trust that a patient must place in their doctor. Every day, patients put their lives in the hands of doctors and nurses, in hopes that these medical professionals can restore their health. Sometimes, however, doctors and other medical staff make mistakes and fail to properly treat the patient. When this happens, it can cost the patient their life.

Families remember loved ones who died in fatal accidents

Nothing can prepare a family for the sudden death of one of their members. Dealing with the loss of a loved one is among the most difficult things that a person could ever have to go through. Every year, too many fatal accidents claim the lives of people in the Ocala area and throughout Florida. Sometimes, however, family members of the deceased victims can take some comfort in telling their stories and trying to prevent other people from suffering a similar fate.

Florida lawmakers target distracted driving

Many Ocala residents have probably heard about the recent fatal car crash involving Bruce Jenner. The former Olympic gold medalist and current reality television star made more recent headlines when his car was part of a chain reaction accident that lead to one woman's death.

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