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Collision of commercial vehicles in Brooksville leaves one dead

Semi-truck accidents in Marion County are in a class all their own thanks to the potential for destruction that they present. Aside from the massive size of these vehicles, motorists are also often forced to contend with the cargo that they are carrying should an accident occur. In what some may classify as a cruel sense of irony, truck drivers themselves are often well-protected by their vehicles. Thus, in many cases, they are much more likely to walk away from accidents unharmed than are those driving the vehicles that they collide with.

What are the federal requirements for securing truck cargo?

If you are like most in Marion County, then your concerns over the dangers that semi-trucks and tractor trailers present out on the road begin and end with the driver. Have you considered, however, that the cargo that he or she is hauling could present just as a great a danger? When it comes to truck cargo, you may only be concerned about the potential of being exposed to hazardous materials. Yet just about any cargo can become hazardous if it begins falling from a truck while on the road. Perhaps the most frightening fact about the risk poorly-secured cargo presents is that it does not require an accident to become dangerous to you and other drivers.

The disqualification criteria for commercial truck drivers

It takes a great deal of training and skill to qualify to drive a large truck or commercial vehicle in Ocala County. Yet despite the skills that truckers demonstrate, their vehicles still pose a threat to other drivers. Indeed, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reports that as recently as 2012, there were 3,802 accidents involving large commercial vehicles In the United States.

Truck accident facts and figures

Whether someone is struck by an inattentive truck driver or involved in a crash that was the result of negligent truck maintenance, the details of a truck accident may vary from one case to another. However, any truck crash can have serious consequences for everyone involved and it is important to understand how prevalent truck collisions are in Ocala, Florida, and across the United States. By recognizing the potential dangers, drivers can prevent truck accidents from ruining more lives.

Driver and carrier expectations for hazmat transport

Here at The King Law Firm, we’ve worked with many clients who’ve been left with devastating injuries as the result of truck accidents. If your accident involved a truck transporting hazardous materials, you may be wondering about the responsibility motor carriers have to protect you and others from such substances. The hazardous materials typically transported by truck are chemicals, flammable liquids, or radioactive compounds. Exposure to such materials can result in burns, poisoning, and even death.

Reviewing the most common causes of truck accidents

The large semi-trucks and tractor-trailers people see driving in and around Marion County can present a real risk to the other vehicles on the roads around them. As a matter of fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that as recently as 2012, almost 108,000 people were either killed or injured in accidents involving these vehicles. Because of the massive size of their vehicles, truck drivers must be extremely attentive at all times in order to avoid trouble on the road. Indeed, when collisions with other vehicles do occur, driver error is often found to be the cause.

Assessing truck accident statistics

When a semi truck accident takes place, those involved may experience various misfortunes, from serious injuries to costly hospital bills and loss of life. In Ocala, Florida, and all over the United States, far too many people are injured or killed in a truck accident each year and it is important to recognize the prevalence of these crashes. While any type of traffic collision presents hazards, those involving a large truck are often particularly perilous. Also, there are a number of factors that increase the likelihood of these accidents. For example, some truck drivers spend too much time on the road, resulting in truck driver fatigue that may cause an accident.

Florida truck accident claims life of young boy

When someone is involved in a truck accident, the outcome can be particularly devastating. Not only are semi trucks incredibly large, but some truck drivers have been driving on the road for too long or are inexperienced. Tragically, far too many people are injured or killed in truck accidents that could have been prevented. In Ocala, Florida, everyone who gets behind the wheel should focus on the importance of road safety and preventing accidents. Furthermore, if someone suffers serious injuries or loses a loved one because of an unqualified truck driver, truck driver fatigue or truck driver negligence, it is crucial for them to properly address the accident.

Piecing your life together after a truck accident

Every year, an alarming number of Americans are seriously injured and killed in truck accidents. These tragedies take place in Ocala and across the state of Florida for all sorts of reasons and every case is different. For example, a pedestrian may be struck by a drunk truck driver or someone suffering from truck driver fatigue may cause a multi-vehicle accident. At the King Law Firm, we believe it's crucial for victims of an accident that was caused by negligence to hold an irresponsible driver or truck company accountable for the pain they have caused.

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