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How bikers can be safer on the road

You may be a novice motorcyclist or you may have years of experience, but either way, you must be constantly alert when you take to the road. Precautions include making sure your bike is in good operating condition, that you have taken steps to become as visible as possible to motorists and that you refrain from alcohol before and while riding your bike. There are many safety tips to consider, from what you wear to how you drive. Here are a few to think about.

A review of motorcycle insurance requirements in Florida

Most motorcyclists in Ocala may hold firm to the thought that if they are ever injured in a motorcycle accident, their insurance policies will cover their expenses. At the same time, however, many are also grossly underinsured and do not even know it. It may be tempting to simply go with a policy that meets their states’ minimum insurance requirements. If one decides to do that in Florida, he or she could end up facing an enormous amount of medical and repair expenses should an accident ever occur.

When do motorcycles have the right-of-way?

As a motorcyclist, you no doubt have been happy to see more signs springing up in Marion County and across the rest of the U.S. encouraging automobile drivers to watch out for motorcycles. Yet even as awareness increases, there is still much confusion about whether motorcyclists or motorists have the right-of-way on Florida’s roads. Following motorcycle accidents, many drivers often claim that the motorcycles involved suddenly pulled out in front of them or that it was their turn to go at an intersection. Understanding what right-of-way laws are in the state may help to dispel this confusion, as well as keep you safer while on the road. If and when a collision does occur, such knowledge may also help support your claim that the motorist was at fault.

Fighting for the rights of motorcycle accident victims

Every year, far too many motorcyclists are involved in an accident throughout the United States. Sadly, some of these accidents were caused by a negligent driver or could have been prevented. If you were involved in a motorcycle collision and are trying to recover, it is vital to explore all avenues and understand your rights. At the King Law Firm, we are committed to supporting motorcycle accident victims who live in Ocala and other cities in the state of Florida.

Florida motorcycle accident claims two lives

From a semi truck crash to a head-on car collision, any traffic accident can be deadly. However, motorcyclists are often particularly vulnerable to death and serious injury when they are involved in an accident. Sadly, a tragic number of lives have been lost due to motorcycle accidents and the path to recovery can be very difficult, even for a motorcycle accident victim who was able to survive. In Ocala, Florida, someone who is hurt in a motorcycle crash may suffer a head injury, neck injury, permanent disability or other type of injury and it is imperative for drivers to watch out for motorcyclists at all times.

How can you prove you didn’t cause a motorcycle accident?

Even as more and more motorcyclists are taking to the roads in Ocala, the image of the motorcycle rider being somewhat of a rebel still remains. This certainly can’t help you if you’re trying to prove you didn’t cause a motorcycle accident. When motorcycles and vehicles collide, it’s not uncommon for the motorists involved (as well as people who may not have seen the accident) to immediately place the blame on the motorcyclists. Statistics, however, seem to show that the fault for motorcycle-vehicle collisions tends to lie with drivers.

Driver charged in fatal motorcycle accident

From dangerous road conditions to a negligent driver, motorcycle accidents have a number of causes. In Ocala, Florida, and across the U.S., people who are involved in a motorcycle collision may have to deal with a variety of hardships after the wreck, such as a head or neck injury, costly hospital bills, an inability to work, etc. Tragically, some are unable to survive and families have a very difficult time dealing with the aftermath of a fatal motorcycle accident.

Florida motorcyclist and passenger dead after collision

Every year, an alarming number of motorcycle accidents occur throughout the country. Although there are safety programs and awareness campaigns which aim to prevent these tragedies from taking place, these wrecks continue to claim lives and cause catastrophic injuries in Ocala and across Florida. When someone is injured in a motorcycle collision, it is very important for them to scrupulously assess their situation and do everything in their ability to move forward.

Taking a look at Florida motorcycle accident statistics

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 4,957 people died in motorcycle crashes and 93,000 were injured in a motorcycle accident in 2012 across the United States. In Ocala, Florida, it is very important for victims of a motorcycle accident and family members who have lost someone in a fatal motorcycle crash to closely review what happened and do everything in their ability to hold the negligent party accountable. Depending on the circumstances surrounding a motorcycle collision, some people decide to speak with a legal professional and file a lawsuit.

What are the costs of brain injuries from motorcycle accidents?

Any time that a person suffers a serious head injury, the risks of brain damage can become a pressing concern for doctors, the patient and the patient's family. These kinds of injuries can happen in a number of different ways, one of which is motor vehicle accidents. Specifically, brain injuries from motorcycle accidents take a costly toll when it comes to both the health and financial costs of a victim.

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