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Mistakes Accident Victims Make on Social Media After a Car Accident

In today’s society, we’re used to sharing our lives on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and X (formally Twitter). While these platforms allow us to connect with friends and family and share updates about our lives, posting on social media after being injured in a car accident can have unintended consequences. Insurance companies and defense lawyers often view your social media profiles as part of their investigation into the car accident case to find a post or comment to use against you. For this reason, there are many things you should avoid doing on social media after a car accident. Here are common mistakes accident victims make on social media after a car accident:

Discussing Details of the Accident 

While it’s natural to want to update your friends and family about the accident online, sharing details may negatively affect your case. It’s best to avoid discussing the accident on social media entirely. This way, you won’t have to worry about saying that could impact your case. Since your posts are public knowledge, anything you say can be used against you in court. For instance, the other driver’s insurance company may sift through your social media posts about the accident, looking for inaccuracies that differ from the official accident record. Then, they may accuse you of not remembering the accident accurately. In addition, giving status updates and progress reports about your injuries may also backfire and be used against you. 

Admit Fault or Guilt 

Posting anything online that may show that your actions contributed to the accident will impact your case. Even off-handed comments such as “feeling sorry” or “feeling guilty” that the accident happened could imply that you were at fault. Other phrases you should avoid saying online include:

  • “I didn’t see the other driver.”
  • “I was distracted.”
  • “It’s my fault.”
  • “I can’t remember what happened.” 
  • “I wish I did [fill in the blank] to prevent the accident.” 

These statements could easily make their way into the comments of your posts as friends and family ask for more details. When updating online, it’s best to use general statements or not post at all. 

Accept Friend Requests From People You Don’t Know

Even if your account is private, the other driver’s defense team and insurance company can access your account if you accept a friend request. In some cases, even your private posts may be accessible for an investigation. It’s best to be cautious and not allow people you don’t know to see your profile.  

Allow Friends to Tag You in Pictures 

When friends post pictures of you enjoying these rigorous activities, you may inadvertently cause the other driver’s insurance company to question the severity of your injuries. In addition, a friend may tag you in a picture of you doing questionable activities and deviant behavior that could also impact your case.  

Share Pictures of Daily Activities and Vacations 

An innocent day trip to the beach or going on a hike could quickly impact your case. If you show yourself participating in the same activities you did before the accident, the other driver’s defense could claim that your injuries aren’t as severe as you indicated. Anything from gardening to posting pictures of your last ski trip could cause concern. Since the picture won’t show how painful those tasks were to do or the recuperation you needed afterward, the post can be used against you.  

Call the King Law Firm for your Car Accident Claim 

When you’re in the middle of a personal injury claim due to injuries from a car accident, it’s best to stay off of social media until the case is resolved. This is the only way to ensure your posts can be used against you. However, that’s not always feasible. When it isn’t, stick to these top things not to do on social media after a car accident as your guide. At the King Law Firm, we do everything we can to build your case and take on the big insurance companies to ensure you’re adequately compensated for your injuries due to the crash. Call us at 352-269-1814 or contact us online for a consultation. 

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