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Parking Lot Injuries: What You Need to Know

Parking lots are a common place for injuries. CBS News reports that 20% of all car accidents occur in parking lots, accounting for 60,000 injuries per year. Receiving compensation for your injuries as a pedestrian or car accident victim in a parking lot can be challenging, as it may be difficult to determine the responsible party. However, Florida is a comparative negligence state, so you could still receive damages for an injury that was partially your fault. Here’s what you need to know about parking lot injuries in Florida:

Causes of Parking Lot Injuries

Parking lot injuries fall into two categories: pedestrian and car accidents. However, the causes of these injuries are generally the same. Here are the most common causes of parking lot injuries: 

Improper Maintenance 

The property owner is responsible for ensuring the parking lot is well-maintained. If the owner fails to repair ongoing issues in the parking lot, such as potholes, they could be responsible for any injuries or accidents it causes. 

Distracted Driving 

Distracted driving is one of the most common causes of car accidents in the US. It’s also one of the primary causes of accidents in parking lots. While most people consider distracted driving to be related to texting or cell phone use, drivers can be distracted in parking lots in many other ways. This includes tending to babies or young children while driving, eating, putting on makeup, or navigating a GPS. 

Inadequate Lighting 

Personal injuries such as slips and falls can occur in places with low lighting in the early morning, evening, and night. The low lighting may result from bad design or the property owner’s negligence by letting the lot fall into disrepair. 

Who’s Responsible for Damages Due to a Parking Lot Injury? 

Who’s responsible for your parking lot injury depends on the type of injury you suffered and how it occurred. The property owner is responsible in most cases. In other cases, a contractor or construction company may be responsible. This would happen if the construction company failed to make suitable repairs to an area in the parking lot. Our experienced premises liability attorneys will help you discover which entities may be at fault for your injury. 

Filing a Claim for Your Parking Lot Injury 

You’ll need to prove that the business owner, property owner, or construction company knew about the hazard and failed to make timely repairs or perform adequate maintenance.

First, document everything about your accident. If you got into a car accident in a parking lot, call law enforcement and get a copy of the police report. Seek medical attention immediately and keep all information from your doctors, including diagnosis and treatment information. You’ll also want to notify the business of your injury and ensure you receive a copy of any filed documents or reports. 

 Experienced Parking Lot Injury Lawyers: The King Law Firm 

If you’ve been injured in a parking lot, contact our reliable Ocala parking lot accident attorneys at The King Law Firm as soon as possible. We work hard to ensure you receive damages for your parking lot injury, especially if you didn’t cause it. Call us at 352-269-1814 to discuss your case.  

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