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Personal Injury From Elevator and Escalator Accidents

Handicap accessibility is essential for maintaining a safe and accommodating venue. Some of the amenities that should be accessible to those with a physical disability are elevators and escalators. However, utilities like these don’t just aid those needing physical assistance; they can make movement quicker for all individuals.

However, escalators and elevators can occasionally malfunction, potentially resulting in physical bodily injury. Many injuries from elevators or escalators can be severe and even catastrophic, affecting unsuspecting individuals. Not all occurrences with these utilities result in an accident. However, when accidents do occur, the injuries may be life-threatening. The most common issues and injuries that take place while using these machines are as follows:

· Elevator drops suddenly
· Tripping over the uneven entrance to an elevator
· Being crushed by closing elevator doors
· Falling into an elevator shaft
· Being stuck on an elevator for an extended time
· Having a foot, hand, or finger get stuck between escalator parts
· Falling or slipping on an escalator
· An escalator that malfunctioned
· Head, back, neck, or spine damage
· Broken bones

Often the result of an injury in these instances occurs from poor maintenance and owner negligence. Elevators and escalators are commonly used in hotels, apartments, grocery stores, malls, and many other buildings. It is the property owners’ responsibility to keep them in safe and working order.

One of the most recent elevator tragedies occurred in September 2021, where a young man was killed due to negligence. According to CBS News, the malfunction was “predictable and preventable” that the building “failed inspections, malfunctions and how there was no proper license to operate the elevator.” The young man may have only experienced a minor malfunction had this elevator appropriately been evaluated and adequately maintained.

No matter your age, state, or physical ability when using an elevator or escalator, the machine should be deemed safe by an inspector or operated with a proper license. At King Law Firm in Ocala, we proudly serve the Villages, Marion County, and surrounding areas of central Florida. Someone else’s negligence may be the reason for your current situation. These cases involving machinery are often under the category of premises liability cases. If you have received a severe injury, we are here to help you understand your rights and determine if you have a personal injury case. Our attorneys have represented many residents of Central Florida in need of a personal injury lawyer.

You may be eligible for coverage of your medical expenses and pain and suffering due to negligence. To speak with a personal injury attorney about an elevator or escalator accident, do not hesitate to fill out the contact form on our website or give us a call at 352-261-6907.

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