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How Burn Injuries are Sustained

Burn injuries are more common than you think. Physical damage from a burn can come from more than camping or house fires. Burns can result from contact with chemicals or acid, electrical malfunctions, and high temperatures, such as severe sunburn.

Burn injuries often result from a traumatic event caused by human error or negligence, such as a kitchen fire. Motor vehicle burns can result from a collision or malfunction, and discarded lit cigarettes can often lead to house fires. Lack of supervision by a knowledgeable individual can result in children coming into close contact with fires. Failure to read warning labels or proper instructions on chemical products can result in chemical burns.

How to Treat a Burn

According to the American Academy of Dermatology Association, the first step in treating a burn is cooling the area via wet compress. Additionally, the wound should be treated using the proper ointments, non-stick bandages, pain relievers if necessary, and avoiding sun exposure. More severe burns should be treated by a medical professional for proper long-term care and recovery.

Preventing Burns

In Florida, the weathering elements put individuals at an increased risk of suffering from a burn injury. Florida is the lightning capital of the world; despite not being the most frequent burn injury seen in the state, it is still a possibility. To prevent the possibility of lightning strikes, it is important to seek shelter during a storm, exit bodies of water, and stay away from metal objects. Read warning labels, apply sunscreen, wear protective equipment when dealing with fire hazards, and take care not to leave flammable items unsupervised to prevent burn injury.

Speak to a King Law Firm Attorney

The team of professionals at King Law Firm specializes in personal injury cases of the following burn-related injuries:
• Acid burns and other chemical burns
• Electrical burns
• Stove and heater injuries
• Faulty smoke detectors
• Burns that happen in restaurants
• Scarring and disfigurement
• Skin transplants and other surgeries
• Motor vehicle accidents and burns
• Construction injuries and other work-related injuries

King Law Firm in Ocala practices personal injury law to help you or your loved one on the path to recovery after injury. Burns are injuries that can be long-lasting both physically and emotionally, and our experienced lawyers are here to provide you with legal assistance. Medical care for long-term burn injury care can be costly and result in lost wages. If your burn injury resulted from another party’s negligence, our attorneys will review your case and fight on your behalf.

Each personal injury case is different and requires dedicated attention to building the best case against the party responsible. King Law Firm can provide you with legal counsel and representation for the burn victim. To speak with an attorney at King Law Firm, visit our contact page or call us at (352) 261 – 6907.

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