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Apartment liability

Are Accidents at Your Apartment Or Condo Your Fault?

Have you ever seen a shaky handrail, broken glass, or hazardous materials lying around your apartment complex? These health hazards can pose a risk of injury to residents and can result in a premises liability lawsuit against the apartment complex or property manager.

Florida Statutes state that all tenants have rights and responsibilities under the Florida Residential Landlord Tenant Act. The Florida Bar’s website states, “a landlord is required to rent a dwelling that is fit to be lived in.” In other terms, complex owners should maintain a renter’s living space to sustain a safe standard of living.

You, as a renter, should perform a walk-through of your living space before signing a lease. You should take pictures, videos or write down any significant damages or concerns with the housing. After signing a rental agreement, you are likely liable for any damages inside your unit following the walk-through; unless a safety concern arises in the space outside of your unit.

The common areas shared between you and other residents from the parking lot to the breezeways are some of the locations your landlord may be held accountable for, should you encounter a safety hazard. A few potential hazards around the shared spaces in your neighborhood that you may want to note are as follows:

• Broken stairs, ramps, or railings
• Inadequate security
• Potholes or uneven pavement
• Blocked exits

Experiencing a trip and fall due to a broken stair or uneven payment can lead to an injury.
Injuries like this are common; the National Floor Safety Institute states on their website that “half of all accidental deaths in the home are caused by a fall,” where the majority of injuries in a home “happen at ground level, not from an elevation.” The importance of reporting safety concerns in your complex can be what saves your neighbor from experiencing a trip and fall.

You want to feel as safe as you can when it comes to your apartment or condominium. Despite reporting issues on the property to your property manager or landlord, you can do your part to have a safe living space. As a resident of a condo or apartment complex, you can keep your apartment up to date by completing service requests to repairing damaged appliances or hazards within your space. Furthermore, as a renter, you can get insurance to cover any possible damages in your rental unit.

Many rental insurance companies can offer coverage for personal liability, personal property, water damage, pet damage, and more. Insurance as a renter is essential, should there be damages or thefts to your belongings. Your insurer can possibly provide coverage for an accident on the property, should you experience one. Regardless of your insurer’s ability to assist you with your accident, you can speak with the legal team at King Law Firm in Ocala to help you handle your injury or apartment-related accident. An attorney can represent your slip and fall, trip and fall, assault, fire, parking lot collision, or another complex-related incident.

Let our attorneys correspond with your landlord or property managers and insurance companies for your condo or apartment accident. King Law Firm handles premises liability claims against complexes, duplex owners, and condo complexes if you are residing anywhere in Marion or Lake Counties.

To speak with a professional at King Law Firm, call 352-269-5929 or fill out the contact form on our website for a free consultation. The owners and management of your apartment complex or condo may be responsible for an injury you receive on their property outside of your rental unit.

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