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What to do in a Boating Accident in Florida

Blue skies and sunshine call for a day spent on the water! Taking the boat for a ride is a great way to spend the day until you experience a boating accident. Not even the perfect weather forecast can predict the dangers you may experience boating. Whether you have an accident on Lake Wier, Lake Kerr, or the other Lakes and Rivers of Central Florida, these are the steps you can take to get help after an accident on the water.

Step 1: Medical Attention

Is anyone hurt? Do you know how to perform basic first aid? Assist the injured person if you are adept. If someone needs medical attention for an injury obtained during the time of the accident greater than that of first aid, they need to be looked at by a professional.

Step 2: Stay Afloat

Is the boat sinking? Has someone gone overboard? Make sure everyone has a life jacket. Water currents can be unpredictable and what is underneath the surface is not always visible to the naked eye. A life jacket can keep everyone safe regardless of their swimming skills until help arrives at the scene. If there is a shortage of life jackets, any piece of watercraft or item nearby that can float should be used as a means for keeping your head above water.

Step 3: Coast Guard

Is the boat intact? Is the watercraft in one piece? Contact the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard saves lives and protects waterways. It is necessary to inform the Coast Guard of the accident and determine where the events occurred. The sooner the Coast Guard is aware of a boating accident; the more quickly help can arrive at the scene. This information aids the Coast Guard in understanding how the accident occurred; if someone is killed, injuries require more than first aid treatment, damages are greater than $2,000, or the watercraft is destroyed, it is required for the accident to be reported by law.

Step 4: Personal Information

Who were you with? Everyone on board the boat or involved with the accident should be accounted for, and each person’s name, phone number, and personal address should be recorded. This helps keep everyone informed with information surrounding the accident and can become valuable when verifying who was involved at the time of the accident. Additionally, documenting damages with photos or videos can provide evidence of any physical damage and confirm the location of the incident.

Step 5: Contact a King Law Firm Attorney

Who should you speak with next? An attorney at King Law Firm in Ocala will help you assess compensation for damages after your boating accident. To speak with an experienced attorney at King Law Firm in Ocala, contact us via phone at (352) 261–6907 or online at

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