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Common Causes of RV Accidents

RVs allow us to explore our great country. However, they do pose certain risk factors unique to other non-commercial road vehicles. RVs (recreational vehicles) are fun, add excitement to life, and allow the occupants to explore and even live in multiple locations all over the country. If you are a Florida resident and RV owner, there are no special requirements or license needed to operate these grandiose vehicles. But with that freedom, vehicle weight (the average RV weighing 10,000 lbs), and lack of required training and licensing, the accidents involving RVs can be especially heinous. Below, we will explore the most common reasons for RV accidents and how they may be prevented.


Rollovers and Speeding


   Because RVs have a high center of gravity due to their height and width ratio, rollovers can happen easily, especially if you’re driving recklessly. To limit the risk of a rollover, maintain a safe driving speed (speed over 55mph is not recommended in an RV), secure your load properly, be aware of your route ahead of time and stay aware of weather changes. If storms and high winds are in the forecast, staying put or pulling over to a safe rest stop or parking lot may save you a potential accident. RV accidents can cause personal injury to yourself and others as well as expensive repair work to your RV. 


Driving with Significant Blind Spots

RVs have significant blind spots. Having external cameras help, but it’s not guaranteed to fix the blind spot problem. To prevent an accident from happening while reversing, you should take a look at the rear before you back up. When lane changing, keep in mind that you’re driving a much longer and larger vehicle than a car or even pick-up truck, so take that into account when looking at the rearview mirror before starting to turn. Give your RV a wide enough berth when turning to prevent clipping a car in the lane opposite yours. 



Drowsy Driving

Many RV drivers don’t get enough sleep during their stops for reasons such as stress from being in unfamiliar surroundings, noisy rest stops, too much caffeine during the day, and many other reasons. This causes them to drive drowsy, which can be just as dangerous as driving under the influence due to slow reflexes and hindered judgment. Drivers should go to a proper RV camp to rest to prevent the risk of drowsy driving.


Stopping and Turning Errors

  Because RVs are much bigger and heavier than standard vehicles, it takes longer to stop when hitting the brakes. This causes many drivers that are not experienced to get into accidents because of poorly timed braking. Being aware of your surroundings and braking on time is very important to prevent an accident of this nature. Turning with an RV is also much different than turning with a standard vehicle because of the size and weight. If you are new to RVing, you should take some practice time before hitting the road on your big trip.


  When making the decision to follow your dreams and make that RV purchase, make sure you do your research, plan ahead before your first trip, take time to practice, and familiarize yourself with this heavy and large motorized house on wheels. If you follow the rules of the road and respect the size and power of an RV, your dream trip will not turn into a nightmare. Happy



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