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3 Things You Should Know About Medical Malpractice

According to the Journal of American Medical Association, medical negligence is the third leading cause of death in the United States.  This may be surprising, especially given how many American physicians are renowned in the medical community. Instances of medical malpractice do happen, unfortunately. That is why it is important to be informed about medical malpractice, from the way that it is handled legally to how to prevent it. Here are three things to know about medical malpractice:

How it is Defined

Many people have probably heard of medical malpractice, but what is the true definition of it? Medical malpractice is defined as a professional negligence by act or omission of a healthcare provider that falls below the accepted standard of practice, leading to a patient’s injury or death. Knowing how it is defined is vital in determining whether a breach in the standard of care has occurred. A malpractice claim may exist if a provider’s negligence causes injury or damages to a patient.

How to React if it Happens to You (Or a Loved One)

Discovering that you’ve become the victim of medical malpractice can be a devastating realization. You may feel that your trust in your healthcare providers has been betrayed and your life has been put in danger. During this time, it is important to realize that you are not alone, nor hopeless. Many resources exist for victims of medical malpractice, the most important being the legal defense of a personal injury attorney. A personal injury attorney specializing in medical malpractice can help you to recover damages for medical bills and receive justice for your pain and suffering. Medical rehabilitation can also help you to reverse or reduce some of the damage caused by the provider’s negligence. Time is an important factor when seeking a medical malpractice attorney to assist you, as some states may have a statute of limitations.

How to Prevent it

Perhaps you’ve seen a loved one struggle with an injury from medical malpractice, or you are concerned about potential negligent medical care. Either way, protecting yourself is vital. To help reduce the likelihood of medical malpractice, patients should always do their own research and seek care only from accredited, board-certified physicians and providers. You should always document your symptoms and read reviews online to see how other patients have reacted to a physician’s treatment. If you feel that something is wrong, do not be afraid to speak up or ask questions. Many medical malpractice injuries can be avoided if a patient is examined by a different physician, and offered an alternative medical evaluation. In other words, go with your gut feeling if you believe something is wrong, and don’t be afraid to get a second opinion.

King Law Firm is experienced in helping families in Central Florida recover compensation for their medical malpractice injuries. If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of medical negligence, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact us for more information.

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