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Golf Cart Dangers in Florida

While most parts of the U.S. are dealing with snow, wind chill and cold vehicles, Florida residents are enjoying the beautiful weather outside. The season is right for golfing, and if you do not walk the course, then this means using a golf cart. So you should be aware of golf cart dangers in Florida.

Many residential communities allow for golf cart usage, helping with parking problems and making quick trips around the area fast and convenient. However, no matter where people drive them, golf carts come with their own dangers people may not even realize.

Low safety
Golf carts have a very specific and limited purpose, and for that reason, they do not have as high safety standards as regular vehicles. Seat belts, doors and other protective features are not common, in general. This means passengers receive the full impact of an accident, likely leading to serious injury. Other types of low-speed vehicles exist with better safety measures, but not by much.

Impaired drivers
Even if the vehicles were safer, there is no guarantee their drivers would be safe from golf cart dangers in Florida. Drinking often goes along with playing a round of golf, and alcohol consumption affects coordination, reaction time and judgment. In community areas, drivers may not believe drunk driving laws apply to golf carts, but a DUI is still a possibility on or off the course behind any type of steering wheel. The same thinking goes for driving while using a cellphone. No matter what a person is doing, an electronic device is a distraction, and using one poses additional golf cart dangers in Florida.

Traffic accidents
Trails for golf carts often cross regular roadways, raising the risk of drivers getting into collisions with larger motor vehicles. Also, operating a golf cart is a little different than driving a car, and an inexperienced driver can easily cause an accident, especially with younger teens being able to drive. Golf carts and other similar vehicles also use up electricity and gas quickly, putting users at risk of being stranded.

Be careful when driving, riding in or even walking near golf carts to avoid golf cart dangers in Florida.

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