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Causes And Consequences Of Florida Amusement Park Injuries

Amusement parks are a lot of fun. Whether you want to ride an exciting rollercoaster, drive a go-kart or splash around the water park, you can have the time of your life at places like this. Unfortunately, sometimes Florida amusement park injuries can occur at these hubs of family enjoyment. In fact, Time Magazine reported that a roller coaster accident in July injured 33 people.

One mishap could leave you, your friend or a member of your family injured. The last thing you want is for your trip to the amusement park to be interrupted by an injury and a visit to the hospital. This is why it is important for you to be informed about the risks and potential Florida amusement park injuries. Below is a look at the causes and consequences of Florida amusement park injuries.

Causes of accidents

Some common reasons people get hurt at Florida amusement parks include:

  • Inadequate security
  • Lack of maintenance on rollercoasters
  • Faulty restraint systems
  • Mechanical failures
  • Cheap construction of rollercoasters
  • Careless operators of rides

While these may not happen all the time at every amusement park, they are certainly possible, and you should be aware of these potential hazards and be prepared to respond to them.

Injuries after accidents

The above situations can result in a variety of injuries, including:

  • Injury or even death from falling out of a ride
  • Broken bones, torn ligaments and lacerations
  • Traumatic brain injury from intense speeds
  • Head and back injuries from rough and fast rides
  • Drowning on water slides or lazy river rides

Even the inherent nature of a ride could result in an injury. For example, whiplash or brain injuries can occur due to the sheer speed or spinning of certain rides. These injuries can result in headaches, loss of consciousness and dizziness.

If you or anyone you know ever suffers Florida amusement park injuries, you may be able to sue the park for negligence or the manufacturer or a ride for product liability.

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