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Walk a lot? Know these 3 tips to avoid a pedestrian accident

If you frequently walk around your central or northern Florida community, you might not think of all the dangers of being a pedestrian. While walking is a normal, healthy and positive action, sometimes accidents occur. If a negligent driver hits you while you are walking, you could suffer serious injuries and may need an Ocala pedestrian accident attorney.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 430 people go to the emergency room on average each day for pedestrian injuries. You deserve to walk in peace without fear of injuries. While you cannot control the behavior of drivers, you can control your own. Keep reading for some tips on how to stay safe as a pedestrian.

1. Avoid distractions

Our smartphones or tablets are with us everywhere. It is probably second nature at this point for you to listen to music, text, talk on the phone or check social media while you are walking around. While this is understandable, reduce your distractions as much as possible. Having your headphones in can impair your ability to react, and looking at your device can take your eyes off what cars around you are doing.

2. Increase your visibility

Drivers need to see you to avoid you. This is especially important at night, but you should keep it in mind whenever you walk. Wear reflective, brightly colored clothing while outside. At night, walk with a flashlight. Your smartphone is probably equipped with a flashlight function  this is one way to use your electronic device for safety instead of distraction!

3. Walk in the safest areas

Use crosswalks and sidewalks whenever possible. If you need to cross the street without a crosswalk, do so in a well-lit area. When there is no sidewalk, walk on the shoulder facing traffic so drivers can clearly see you. Avoid walking along highways.

With these tips in mind, you can reduce your chances of getting injured. If you do get hit by a car, seek medical attention and consult an Ocala pedestrian accident attorney as soon as possible.

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