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Start a trend–serve mocktails for designated drivers

Given the great year-round Florida weather, you are probably accustomed to having guests over for an enjoyable evening. Food and drinks served out by the pool may be popular with your friends, and you might be used to having quite a crowd. However, as host, you must be concerned with the issue of driving safety once the party is over. You may think that appointing designated drivers solves this problem, but did you know that DDs are not always sober? One potential remedy may be to serve mocktails for designated drivers. But first, let’s look at some facts.

Surprising results from a university study

A 2013 study conducted by researchers from the University of Florida at Gainesville revealed that more than one-third of participants who said they were designated drivers had been drinking themselves. The researchers spoke with 1,100 patrons in a college-town bar, and of these, 165 identified themselves as designated drivers. They agreed to be part of the study and submitted to a blood alcohol concentration test. The good news is that 65 percent, or 108 DDs, had no alcohol in their systems. Meanwhile, 17 percent registered a BAC level of 0.02 to 0.049 grams of alcohol, and another 18 percent had 0.05 percent or more-and the legal limit is 0.08.

Mocktails for Designated Drivers – These mocktails look like the real thing

A mocktail, as the name implies, is a non-alcoholic drink. You can make various kinds, such as a Virgin Mary or something tall and frosty. For the latter, use tropical ingredients like pineapple or papaya juice, add a slice of lime and a maraschino cherry. Top it with an umbrella, and the DD will be glad that he or she ordered it. Mocktails for designated drivers are a way to keep the fun happening without the risk.

Offer plenty of appetizers

For those guests who do drink, remember that a full stomach will slow alcohol absorption. If you are not serving a full meal, be sure to have plenty of appetizers on hand, such as nuts and cheese. Deep-fried foods like zucchini or mozzarella are also good fillers. While time is the only thing that will sober a person up, food at least provides a buffer for any alcohol consumed.

Alternative transportation

If there are too few designated drivers and one of your guests has imbibed too much to get behind the wheel safely, call a taxi or ask around to see if there is a DD present who is willing to take this person home. There are also local organizations that offer free rides and a tow for the car the drinker was not able to drive. If the DDs are already spoken for, this might be a good alternative. Check first with AAA.

Unintended consequences

Even the best intentions sometimes go awry. Designated drivers may drink something stronger than mocktails. Other guests may think they are perfectly capable of driving. Accidents will happen occasionally, injuries will result and the people involved will require legal assistance. Fortunately, an experienced personal injury attorney in Ocala will be able to help.

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