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What responsibilities do dangerous dog owners have?

Countless residents in Marion County enjoy the companionship of dogs. Yet what happens when dogs become deadly? Florida dog owner laws attempt to define the responsibilities of dangerous dog owners.

Dog maulings are not all that uncommon, yet in some cases, particularly those involving children and the elderly, such attacks can easily be fatal. In many reported cases, it is not the first time that these animals have attacked. Typically, one attack is sufficient to classify a dog as dangerous. Once his or her dog earns that distinction, a dog owner is expected to maintain his or her pet under very strict conditions. If you have lost a loved one to a dog attack, it’s important that you know these Florida dog owner laws so that you can determine whether or not the owner adhered to them in your case.

According Florida dog owner laws, once the appropriate authorities officially classify a dog as dangerous, the owner is expected to obtain an immunization record for the dog, find some way to permanently ID him or her, and build an enclosure with a sign stating that a dangerous dog is on the premises.

Whenever the aforementioned dog is outside of his or her enclosure, he or she must also be muzzled as well as chained and restrained. If the dog were to escape the enclosure and not be found immediately, the owner is also required to alert Animal Control. He or she must also alert the authorities in other situations such as these:

  •          The dog has bitten another person
  •          Ownership of the dog has been transferred
  •          The dog dies

If the owner of the dog involved in your mauling did not adhere to Florida dog owner laws and regulations, you may have a strong case for compensation through a wrongful death lawsuit.

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