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Driver and carrier expectations for hazmat transport

Here at the King Law Firm, we’ve worked with many clients who’ve been left with devastating injuries as the result of truck accidents. If your accident was an Ocala hazmat truck crash (which means it involved a truck transporting hazardous materials), you may be wondering about the responsibility motor carriers have to protect you and others from such substances. The hazardous materials typically transported by truck are chemicals, flammable liquids, or radioactive compounds. Exposure to such materials can result in burns, poisoning, and even death in an Ocala hazmat truck crash.

The trucks used for hazmat transport are typically designed to keep their dangerous cargo secure, even in the event of an accident. Even so, the FMCSA has outlined clear requirements for drivers and carriers engaged in the transportation of hazmat. Failure to meet these standards could leave them open to liability.

First, drivers transporting hazardous materials must meet all training requirements mandated under federal law. On top of that, they have to receive additional instruction on matters related specifically to hazmat transport. According to the Cornell Law School, these include:

  •          How to conduct a pre-trip safety inspection.
  •          How to properly operate a vehicle and any accompanying equipment.
  •          How to successfully maneuver around different roadway obstacles.
  •          How to load and unload cargo.
  •          How to properly park and store a vehicle.
  •          How to report any incidents.

Drivers must go through this additional training once every three years. In addition, carriers are required to continually test cargo tanks to ensure their integrity. Regularly scheduled tests are required every 6 months to 5 years, depending on the tank aspect being reviewed.  They’re also required after any modifications have been made to the tank, after it has been involved in an accident, or after it has been out of service for over one year. These requirements are designed to reduce risks from an Ocala hazmat truck crash.

More information on safety requirements for truck drivers can be found on our site.

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