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What is the Florida truck accident time limit to file a case?

Most people in Ocala who suffer injuries from an accident are primarily concerned with medical treatment and recovery. Likewise, family members often rally around their loved ones to support and encourage their speedy and full recovery. This is especially true when the accident results in serious injuries that could have been fatal.

When a person in a car or SUV is involved in a tractor-trailer accident, serious or even fatal injuries are likely. Given that the victim and his or her family are usually focused on physical recovery for months, or even years, after the accident, what does this mean for the victim’s legal rights? Specifically, what is the Florida truck accident time limit for a victim to file a legal claim arising out of a truck accident?

In the Ocala area, the Florida truck accident time limit to file legal action is generally four years. While four years might seem like plenty of time to move forward with a case, that Florida truck accident time limit is misleading in some ways. For example, if an accident victims or their family members wait months or years to begin the legal process, all of the important evidence from the crash might be gone.

Eyewitness memories fade or even disappear over time, and so too can physical evidence. This means that following a truck accident, a person who is seeking compensation should do all that he or she can to act quickly. An experienced attorney can get the ball rolling to at least preserve as much of the crucial evidence as possible for the case.

Any number of factors can lead to a devastating truck accident, including defective auto parts, truck driver inattention or overloading of the truck. In some cases, the driver and the truck company may be liable for all of the damages to victims of the accident. Although it may be the last thing that a victim thinks about, pursuing legal action sooner rather than later can be key to a successful outcome.

Source: Florida Legislature, “Limitations other than for the recovery of real property,” Accessed on March 27, 2015

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