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Ocala springs forward into Daylight Saving Time in Florida

Every year, Ocala residents spring their clocks forward an hour for Daylight Saving time in Florida. Every year, the change in time has a tendency to throw some people off kilter for a few days as they adjust. For some people, it might mean forgetting to change their clocks right away. Likewise, the time change can cause confusion about scheduled plans that occur on the first full day of Daylight Saving time in Florida.

Most snafus caused by the change in time are relatively minor inconveniences. However, the change in daylight can have some more serious implications if people are not careful. For example, property owners who have outdoor lighting may forget to adjust the timer on the lights. This can result in an hour or so of darkness in an area that should have been lighted.

While just one hour or so of inadequate lighting may not be a big problem if the property in question is a single-family home, this issue could be a lot more harmful on commercial properties. Many Florida businesses, including some pharmacies and grocery stores, are open 24 hours per day. These kinds of businesses must be sure to have proper lighting around the outside perimeter of the store, and in the parking lot, at all time when the sun is down.

Regardless of whether Daylight Saving time in Florida or any other factor causes a problem with outdoor lighting, it can pose a danger to anyone who enters the property. If a person on the property cannot see the ground around them, a trip-and-fall injury become more probable.

Our firm seeks to help people who have suffered injuries while on someone else’s property. In addition to poor lighting, other problems like slippery pavement or potholes can endanger anyone on the property. Our website contains helpful information about various different kinds of premises liability claims. Moreover, if you or anyone you know need more information about your legal rights, seek out one of our experienced personal injury attorneys.

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