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Anyone in Ocala who enjoys motorcycles also knows that riding a motorcycle is more dangerous than riding in a car or truck. But, like any other activity that comes with certain risks, motorcyclists can decrease the danger of personal injury – and the potential need for a personal injury lawyer – by adhering to safe riding practices. Likewise, wearing a helmet and eye protection can make a difference when it comes to motorcycle safety.

On the other hand, negligent drivers in other vehicles are the cause of many accidents involving motorcycles. Whether the driver fails to yield to a motorcyclist at an intersection, or simply does not see the motorcycle and moves into the rider’s lane of travel, these accidents tend to result in substantial damages and injuries. Of course, when this happens, the motorcyclist usually ends up with the more severe injuries. Broken bones and more permanent disability, like brain injury, can result when a larger vehicle hits a motorcyclist.

Our personal injury lawyer at the King Law Firm in Ocala knows that even the most seemingly minor accidents can result in grave consequences when they involve a motorcycle. When a rider is injured in an accident or is the victim of a fatal motorcycle crash, we know how to handle the legal aftermath.

No victims or their families want to think about filing a legal claim immediately after an accident. However, it is important to act as quickly as possible because the best evidence to support a claim can dwindle away as time passes. For example, memories can fade over time, which means that any eyewitnesses to the accident may not be of as much assistance as the accident falls into the more distant past.

At King Law Firm, our personal injury lawyer strives to get the best possible results for all of our clients. Suffering through an accident is bad enough, but victims should not have to bear the financial costs of someone else’s negligence. For more information on pursuing accident claims, visit our website.

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