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Commercial trucks are subject to Florida safety inspections

Ocala’s central location in the state of Florida means that many people pass through the area on their way to other parts of the state. For example, Interstate 75, which spans north to south through a large swath of the country, passes through Ocala and runs all the way south to Miami.

Because of Ocala’s geographic location, the city gets its fair share of traffic from commercial trucks that transport goods throughout the state. Like other vehicles in the state, commercial trucks are subject to Florida laws, which cover a variety of topics, including load limits and vehicle maintenance, and Florida truck safety inspections.

The Florida Department of Transportation aims to keep commercial vehicles operating safely, and its Office of Motor Carrier Compliance (OMCC) enforces state laws pertaining to commercial vehicle safety. In conjunction with Florida law enforcement officers, the OMCC performs Florida truck safety inspections of commercial trucks, both on the roadside and at weigh stations.

During Florida truck safety inspections, the OMCC checks the type and weight of the cargo that the truck is carrying and it also carries out a detailed check of the truck’s condition. For example, Florida truck safety inspections officers from OMCC will inspect the truck’s brakes, its fuel system, its suspension and many other components of the truck. The idea is to make sure that the vehicle is in good working order and does not pose a danger to the driver or to other people on the road.

Defective auto parts and negligent truck maintenance can lead to a truck accident. Florida tries to minimize this problem by enforcing its laws on commercial vehicle maintenance. Still, not every driver and truck company adheres to their legal obligations. When they fail to do so, they endanger lives.

Source: Florida Department of Transportation, “Commercial Motor Vehicle Manual,” Accessed on Jan. 2, 2014

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