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Are slip-and-fall accidents really a problem?

At one time or another, most people in Ocala have probably tripped while walking, and come close to falling. Most of the time, these slips are minor and the person can recover and catch their balance without even falling to the ground. When accidents like this happen, the person usually walks away without injury and can laugh the whole thing off. Sometimes, however, the person does not land on his or her feet, and can suffer life-changing injuries.

It’s easy to take walking for granted, and most people don’t ordinarily worry about slip-and-fall accidents. But, according to the National Safety Council (NSC), falls are a leading cause of accidental injuries throughout the country. Based on data from a few years ago, the NSC estimated that nearly nine million people went to the emergency room in a single year because of accidental falls. Moreover, in 2009, injuries from falls caused more than 25,000 deaths.

The NSC gives various recommendations on how to avoid slip-and-fall accidents. For example, wearing proper shoes with slip-resistant soles can help to prevent falling. Likewise, sturdy handrails on staircases as well as sufficient lighting can help to keep people on their feet.

While people should always take appropriate precautions and watch where they are walking, some slip-and-fall accidents are caused by someone else’s negligence. Dangerous property conditions like uneven flooring, wet substances on the floor or obstructions on walkways are all common problems that can result in serious injuries.

Based on the data from the NSC, slip-and-fall accidents are a substantial problem, but they are often preventable. When this kind of an accident is caused by a negligent property owner, victims should look into their legal options.

Source: National Safety Council, “Slips, Trips and Fall,” Accessed on Sept. 23, 2014

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