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Fatal motorcycle crash at Florida intersection

Florida residents may be aware that some vehicles present more risks than others. When it comes to motorcycles, there are various dangers associated with the size of the vehicle and the safety it provides. These small vehicles can often go unseen by other motorists. If a driver fails to check their blind spots, mirror and oncoming traffic, they could easily collide with them. Furthermore, if a motorcycle accident occurs, motorcycles do not offer the same safety features provided in automobiles. The impact of a collision could cause the motorcyclist to eject from their bike. A helmet can only offer so much protection and might not prevent a head injury, serious bodily injuries and even death.

The Florida Highway Patrol recently responded to a fatal motorcycle crash. According to reports, the accident occurred around 9:50 a.m. Authorities believe that the automobile was stopped at a stop sign going west and when the driver continued to travel through the intersection after the stop at the sign, the driver collided with a motorcyclist that was traveling northbound.

It is not clear how or why the motorist failed to observe the motorcycle traveling through the intersection. When emergency crews arrived at the scene of the crash, they pronounced the motorcyclist dead at the scene. It was reported that the biker was not wearing a helmet at the time of the crash. No injuries were reported to the driver or their passenger.

Following a fatal motorcycle collision, it is important that the details of the crash are understood. This could help establish cause and assign any liabilities to those involved in the crash. Once completed, a driver could face traffic and criminal penalties. Furthermore, they could endure civil actions such as a wrongful death claim. The loved ones of the deceased could file a civil suit to recover compensation. This could be used to cover expenses such as funeral costs, lost wages and damages.

Understanding the cause of the accident does not only help those affected directly by the crash but could help establish safer roadways and improved safety equipment. Moreover, if a dangerous intersection is a factor, steps could be taken in order to reduce or prevent future accidents. Those involved in a fatal crash should always be aware of their options and what steps they could take to deal with their losses and financial hardships caused by the crash.

Source: Palm Coast Observer, “Motorcyclist killed in crash in Palm Coast,” July 14, 2014

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