Ocala Swimming Pool Accident Lawyers

Falls on slippery pool decks break bones. Drownings can occur in just minutes, even in shallow water. Those rescued from a near-drowning may be left with permanent brain damage. Property owners often try to have it both ways, advertising their swimming pools as an amenity but deflecting any responsibility for injury or death.

At King Law Firm, we hold businesses and property owners accountable for swimming pool accidents. Our premises liability attorneys are skilled at demonstrating negligence and maximizing compensation for the physical, financial and personal aftermath. We handle personal injury claims in Ocala, The Villages, and throughout Marion County and surrounding Central Florida.

Swimming Pool Injuries And Fatalities

Our lawyers have recovered millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts in a wide range of cases, including swimming pool accidents. This includes recoveries for the lifelong needs arising from brain and spinal cord injuries and for surviving family members coping with a pool-related wrongful death.

King Law Firm has the experience and resources to bring lawsuits against any public or private entity that owns or operates a swimming pool:

  • Resorts and hotels
  • Apartment complexes and condo associations
  • Water parks and amusement parks
  • Municipal pools and public swimming beaches
  • Homeowners
  • Cruise ship lines

Attractive Nuisance And Other Negligence

Florida law has strict safety codes relating to residential swimming pools and commercial properties with pools, regulating enclosures, warnings and other aspects. Swimming pools are an attractive nuisance — a young child may enter a ground floor hotel pool or a backyard pool when the gate or door is left open and there is no lifeguard or attendant. Homeowners and other property owners are also liable for negligent supervision, such as failing to sit poolside as kids are swimming or allowing swimmers to engage in dangerous conduct.

In other cases, the pool itself may be inherently dangerous — no drain cover, unreasonably slippery tiles, improper depth markings, lack of signage, broken slides. Our attorneys know the law and how to conduct a proper investigation that shows code violations or neglected maintenance. We are skilled at overcoming signed waivers or disclaimers such as "No lifeguard on duty" when the property owner's negligence contributed to the accident.

Contact Us To Discuss Your Possible Claims

We are committed to the full compensation our clients need and deserve, especially for permanent injuries or long-term disability from a fall, diving accident or near-drowning accident.

Our Ocala swimming pool accident attorneys provide free consultations, including home or hospital visits by arrangement. Call toll free at 352-629-8747, or email us. If we take your case, we operate on a contingency fee, which means we do not receive attorney fees unless we recover compensation for our client.