Ocala Negligent Supervision Lawyers

When you entrust your children to the care of others, that person or entity assumes certain responsibilities. Accidents happen, but if your child was injured or killed because of an adult's lax supervision, you may have grounds to sue for damages.

The King Law Firm in Ocala handles personal injury lawsuits on behalf of children and wrongful death lawsuits on behalf of parents who are grieving the preventable death of a son or daughter. Practicing in Marion County and surrounding counties of Central Florida, we invite you to a free consultation to explore your legal remedies.

Injuries, Accidents And Abuse Involving Unsupervised Children

Our lawyers have brought a number of successful claims for negligent supervision, including a landmark verdict of $26 million for the tragic case of a grandmother who failed to protect the grandchild in her care from unspeakable acts committed by a sexual predator relative.

These incidents unfortunately happen because of the negligence of day care centers and babysitters, homeowners, schools and sports organizations, churches and community centers, park boards and municipalities, amusement centers and other entities and individuals who are responsible for care and supervision of children.

Our attorneys can gauge your potential claims or lawsuits for a negligent supervision accident or injury such as:

We examine the circumstances of the accident and the obligations of supervising adults under Florida statutes or the entity's own policies. Did they leave the child unattended, fail to intervene, fail to summon medical help or knowingly allow the child to the engage in unreasonably dangerous behavior? Was a young child improperly entrusted with a watercraft or four-wheeler? Does the conduct arise to the level of child neglect or abuse by a care provider?

Committed To Your Child's Fullest Recovery

We will pursue compensation for medical bills and ongoing care, for your child's lasting disability or disfigurement, for emotional trauma and other applicable damages. In the event that your child was injured in the care of a remorseful relative or neighbor, remember that we are essentially seeking compensation from their homeowner's insurance policy rather than their personal assets. Either way, your child should not shoulder the burden for something that was not their fault.

Our Ocala negligent supervision attorneys offer a no-cost, no-obligation consultation. Call toll free 352-629-8747, or email us. We work on a contingency fee, so you owe no attorney fees unless or until we recover compensation on behalf of your child.