Ocala Horse-Related Accident Lawyers

A horse that is accustomed to people and normally gentle is still unpredictable and dangerous. Simply getting stepped on by a 2,000-pound animal can cause severe injuries, let alone a violent encounter with a horse that is spooked or threatened.

The King Law Firm in Ocala handles horse-related injuries or fatalities in Marion County and throughout Central Florida. We can explore claims against trail-riding businesses, as well as personal injury claims on behalf of employees injured at horse farms and riding stables.

Horseback Riding Injury · Stable Accidents

Horse riding is a popular pastime for local residents and tourists and horse breeding and training is a big industry in Florida. The numerous farms and stables in the Ocala area employ numerous trail guides, groomers and stable hands, as well as horse trainers, equestrian instructors, farriers and veterinarians. Our experienced attorneys represent people injured in many scenarios:

  • Thrown from horseback
  • Kicked, bitten or trampled by a horse
  • Knocked down or stepped on
  • Pinned against a fence or paddock
  • Horse trailer accidents
  • Horse-drawn carriage accidents
  • Fatal injuries from any of the above

A horse's weight and power can cause serious or catastrophic injuries, including brain trauma, back and neck injuries, broken bones, crush injuries, severe bites, internal organ injuries or facial disfigurement. Our personal injury practice is committed to your full compensation for the medical expenses and future care, as well as damages for lost income, lasting disability, and pain and suffering.

Accountability For Horse-Related Accidents

Florida's strong equine law insulates stable owners somewhat from lawsuits for trail riding injuries. However, just because you signed a waiver does not mean the stable owner or property owner has blanket immunity. Riders assume certain risks, but the owner may still be liable for dangerous conditions or other negligence: putting a rider on the wrong size horse or saddle, doubling up riders, failing to supervise young riders, understaffing, unsafe equipment or unsafe working conditions.

For employees injured by horses, workers' compensation is not necessarily the only remedy. In fact, some employers do not carry workers' comp insurance, especially those that employ seasonal or undocumented workers. We will explore premises liability claims against the horse owner or property owner, or against third parties such as manufacturers of defective equipment.

Experienced Personal Injury Lawyers

We have handled numerous horse-related cases. Our knowledge of the equine industry, combined with our experience with the legal and insurance factors, enables us to advocate effectively for you or your family member. Contact our Ocala horse-related accident attorneys at 352-629-8747, or email us. We offer a free consultation and contingency fee representation.