Ocala Car Accident Lawyer

Automobiles are the primary means of transportation in our society. It is perhaps not surprising, then, that car accidents are one of the top killers of younger age groups. If you were injured in a car accident on a two-lane road, on an interstate highway, on a city street or in a parking lot, you unfortunately have a lot of company. Hundreds of Florida residents suffer injuries or lose their lives each year because of automobile accidents.

At the King Law Firm, our hands-on, thorough style of personal injury law for car accident victims begins with a comprehensive free initial consultation. It is not unusual for one of our attorneys to personally spend an hour or an hour and a half with a potential client. We take the time to answer questions such as:

  • What is no-fault insurance and what does it mean to my case?
  • Can you help me get medical bills paid right away?
  • What will my own auto insurance cover?
  • Do I need to sue another driver? Do I have grounds to sue another driver?
  • What about property damage? Can you help me get my crashed car replaced?
  • Can you promise me that I will receive a certain dollar amount in a personal injury claim? (Hint: Beware of law firms that answer "yes" to this question.)
  • How will I know if I should accept a settlement offer or take a case to court?

Some clients ask if we work with professional accident investigators. In a great many cases, our answer is, "Yes, that's us." We often go personally to the scene of an accident, interview eyewitnesses, preserve crashed cars as evidence, take photos and otherwise prepare to do our own investigations. If a case goes before a jury, our Ocala car accident attorneys are the ones who will stand in front of that jury and try to convince them to award full and fair compensation to our clients. Therefore, we believe it is valuable for us to do our own investigations and gather firsthand knowledge about an accident. This is very different from the way many other law firms operate.

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After a car crash, call for an ambulance first, but consult with a lawyer as soon as possible to maximize your ability to claim full compensation. Lawyers at the King Law Firm welcome your inquiry by phone or email. If your injury makes it difficult for you to visit our law offices, we can visit you in your home or hospital room. Initial consultations come with no obligation. We are prepared to represent you on a contingency basis. Our clients usually owe no attorneys' fees until and unless we recover a settlement or verdict on their behalf.