How Motorcyclists Get Seriously Injured

Each year, hundreds of motorcycle riders in Florida suffer serious injuries in accidents that could have been prevented. Many motorcyclists have lost their lives because of the negligence of drivers who weren't paying attention behind the wheel.

The most common statement made by these drivers is that they didn't see the motorcyclist they hit. We understand the frustration you may be feeling if you or a loved one was hurt on a bike.

We Can Help If Your Life Was Changed By A Negligent Driver

Over the years, King Law Firm has recovered millions and millions of dollars on behalf of motorcyclists who were injured or killed by the negligence of another. We are local attorneys, based in Ocala, with an extensive track record in Central Florida biker injury and wrongful death cases. We can help you if you have questions about:

  • Whether you should pursue a lawsuit
  • The difference between settling your case and litigating it
  • How wrongful death cases work
  • A distracted driver who was texting or using a mobile device behind the wheel
  • A drunk driver who caused a collision
  • Head trauma and traumatic brain injury
  • Back and spine injuries
  • How the legal process works
  • Why you should make an informed choice of attorney for your case

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The attorneys at King Law Firm provide a free consultation to injured motorcyclists and their families. Our firm provides honest answers and excellent service. We understand the causes of motorcycle accidents, and we are thoroughly experienced in motorcycle accident lawsuits.