Ocala Drunk Driving Accident Lawyers

Although a car accident is bad enough, the pain and hardships that your family suffers when it is the result of an impaired or drunk driver is even worse. The more severe the injuries, the more important it is to find an attorney with the skill to secure your full compensation.

If you or a family member was struck by an intoxicated driver, the King Law Firm provides experienced and aggressive representation. Our Ocala drunk driving accident attorneys have obtained notable results in personal injury and wrongful death cases throughout Marion County and Central Florida.

Aggressive Pursuit Of All Sources Of Coverage

Intoxicated drivers who cause injury should be punished, but more than that we measure justice by how our clients — the victims of drunk drivers or families who have lost a loved one — are treated in the legal system and ultimately compensated. Our legal team works closely with clients to understand the extent of injury and the impact on daily life and their future. We work diligently to negotiate compensation that covers medical care, lost income, permanent injury, and pain and suffering. When reckless drivers and their insurers will not settle for a fair and just amount, our trial lawyers are fully prepared to go to court.

Your potential legal remedies depend on the circumstances:

  • Claims under the drunk driver's auto insurance
  • Claims against the driver's personal assets
  • Open house party claims against a homeowner who allowed an underage person (under 21) to drink, resulting in injury to others or injury to the minor
  • Dram shop claims against a bar, restaurant or liquor store that served alcohol to a minor or visibly intoxicated person who caused an accident
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist claims under your insurance

Comprehensive Compensation For Serious Accidents

DUI accidents are not only preventable but often more severe, especially when the intoxicated person weaves into oncoming traffic, fails to yield at an intersection or slams into another car from behind. At King Law Firm, we are doubly committed to justice when any accident results in permanent or catastrophic injury, such as a brain injury or spinal cord injury.

For a free consultation with our experienced and compassionate lawyers, call us toll free at 352-629-8747, or email us. We will travel to the home or hospital room of our clients, and our representation is offered on a contingency fee basis; there are no attorney fees unless and until we recover compensation.