Ocala Bus Accident Lawyer

Accidents involving multi-passenger vehicles often bring multiple challenges such as:

  • Each injured occupant, although injured in the same accident, will have unique injuries, losses and potential claims for compensation.
  • If a bus was government-owned, such as a school bus or city bus, there may be issues of government liability caps.
  • Multiple insurers may be involved, making for complex calculations and negotiations. There may be issues of subrogation by which insurers take each other to court asking for compensation — and potentially delaying injury claims of passengers, drivers or pedestrians who were injured in a bus accident.

The King Law Firm is prepared to handle complex injury cases in Florida such as bus accident cases. We have the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to help ensure that our clients receive maximum available compensation after any type of multi-passenger vehicle accident such as:

  • A Greyhound bus or other long-distance passenger carrier bus
  • A city bus or chartered bus
  • A school bus or Head Start passenger van
  • A church or sports organization vehicle
  • A 12- or 15-passenger van

Beware: After a bus accident, you can fully expect insurance agents with clipboards to ask you questions, offer quick settlements and otherwise seek to resolve your case quickly. Remember that such people have one sole objective, and that is to limit the amount of compensation that a liable party will pay out. Rather than just accepting an easy settlement from a bus company insurance claims adjuster after an Ocala bus accident, ask an attorney for free advice first .

The sooner you have a lawyer on your side, the greater your opportunities will be to maximize compensation. Legal representation can help protect injured bus accident victims' rights and best interests. If an experienced personal injury or wrongful death attorney represents you, that lawyer will be aligned with your interests. A lawyer from the King Law Firm who represents you will do so on a contingency basis and will be paid a percentage of your final settlement or verdict. This attorney compensation arrangement helps ensure that the attorney has the same priorities that you do in a case: He keeps your interests at the forefront.

After A Lake County Bus Injury, Attorneys At The King Law Firm Can Help You Get Compensation

The King Law Firm has a history of successful outcomes for clients who had been injured or lost loved ones in pedestrian accidents, bicycle accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, car accidents and bus accidents. Call or email our law offices to schedule a free consultation. We can visit you in your home or hospital room if necessary.