Boat/Watercraft Accidents

Florida leads the nation in boat ownership with almost 1 million registered vessels. So many watercraft on crowded lakes, combined with such dangers as alcohol, speed or inexperience, is a recipe for serious and sometimes fatal accidents.

The King Law Firm in Ocala represents victims of boating and Jet Ski accidents in Marion County and beyond. We are local lawyers who understand the lake culture and the factors that contribute to accidents. Combined with our extensive experience in personal injury litigation, we have the ability to hold owners and operators of boats and personal watercraft accountable for severe injuries or wrongful death.

Experienced Boating Injury Lawyers In Ocala

As avid boaters and water skiers ourselves, we understand the dangers. In turn, we can knowledgeably address different accident scenarios whether it be on Lake Weir, Lake Kerr or other lakes and rivers of Central Florida:

  • Personal watercraft (PWC) injuries
  • Boat and/or Jet Ski collisions
  • Collisions with fixed objects (docks, bridges, sandbars)
  • Water skiing and tubing injuries
  • Swimmers run over by boats or PWCs
  • Falls overboard
  • Drownings at public beaches

Our lawyers' background in law enforcement and criminal law provides the foundation for investigating accidents and building a case for negligence. Our knowledge of boats and water sports enables us to fully understand boating violations and the common factors in lake accidents, such as intoxication, inattention, inexperienced or underage operators, no running lights at night, excessive speed, sharp turns or passing too close to other vessels or swimmers.

As in most accident scenarios, your claim would be against the at-fault party's insurance company, and any suit against the at-fault party would be defended and paid for by that person's insurance carrier.

Committed To Your Rightful Compensation

We realize that boat and watercraft accidents commonly result in broken bones, lacerations, back and neck injuries, internal injuries, and sometimes permanent disabilities such as brain injury or paralysis. We spend the time with clients to make sure that we present a claim that fully covers the medical, economic and personal impact and future needs of victims and families. See examples of our recent recoveries.

We offer a free consultation, including home or hospital visits for the seriously injured. We receive no attorney fees unless and until we obtain compensation for you. Call the King Law Firm toll free at 352-629-8747, or contact us online.