The Villages Golf Cart Accident Lawyer

As you perhaps know if you were injured by a golf cart in The Villages, many residents of that community now use golf carts or similar vehicles to get around. It may seem easy and convenient to hop in a golf cart instead of having to find parking for a car. Golf cart usage on the roadways in The Villages is legal — but dangerous.

Golf Cart Accidents Can Be As Serious As Car Accidents

The warm Florida climate lends itself well to the use of golf carts for transportation. This retirement community of approximately 90,000 residents includes a great many people who enjoy getting around by golf cart. However, golf cart usage is not necessarily carefree. The Villages has seen its share of accidental injuries involving golf cart crashes, turnovers and mechanical failures.

Occupants may not wear seat belts, for one thing. When a golf cart turns over or crashes, even wearing a seat belt might not protect someone from injury because there is little protection in an open golf cart. Drunk driving is sometimes a factor in golf cart injuries. People who would not drink and drive a car tend to feel that a golf cart is a less serious form of transportation and take more risks. However, inebriated operation of any type of motor vehicle is definitely a risky venture. Injuries are often serious to catastrophic even in what seems like a minor accident.

Representing Injured People In The Villages · Golf Cart Accident Attorneys Can Evaluate Your Case

If you were injured in a golf cart accident in The Villages or elsewhere, compensation for your injuries may come from one or more of various sources. Lawyers of the King Law Firm have the experience and determination necessary to get good results in golf cart accident cases. We investigate, determine the cause of an accident, hold negligent parties responsible and uncover all relevant insurance policies.

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A golf cart accident with senior or elder residents at the wheel is the usual stereotype in The Villages. However, people involved in such crashes may also include younger people visiting family members and/or motorists operating cars and trucks within the community. The King Law Firm is well prepared to represent anyone who has been injured in a golf cart accident or any type of accident. Call or email us at our personal injury law offices in Ocala to schedule a free consultation. We can visit you in your home or hospital room if necessary. If we represent you, we will do so on a contingency basis. You will not owe attorneys' fees until and unless we recover compensation for you.