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Navigating the aftermath of fatal accidents

An accident can completely change a person's life in the blink of an eye. Most people in Ocala probably conjure up images of devastating motor vehicle accidents when they think about these kinds of sudden and life-changing events. But, these accidents can take other forms too, like a medical mistake by a doctor or other healthcare professional, or a defective product that injures the user.

Florida lawmakers target distracted driving

Many Ocala residents have probably heard about the recent fatal car crash involving Bruce Jenner. The former Olympic gold medalist and current reality television star made more recent headlines when his car was part of a chain reaction accident that lead to one woman's death.

What is comparative fault in Florida?

Determining fault after a car accident is not always crystal-clear. Perhaps one person was making a left-hand turn while another person came speeding down the road, resulting in a collision. Or take the example of a driver who skids on a slippery road, colliding with a second car, which then goes on to collide with a third car. If a person is partially at fault for a car accident in Florida, can they still pursue compensation? While this blog is not to be considered legal advice, in some cases the answer is yes, they can still seek damages.

Are boating accidents common in Florida?

Although Ocala is not directly on the water, it is only a short drive from either coast. With the Gulf of Mexico only about 50 miles away and the Atlantic Ocean just about 75 miles away, Ocala-area residents have easy access to both bodies of water. Like many other people in Florida, Ocala residents can enjoy a variety of marine activities including boating, fishing or skiing.

Young family devastated by Ocala area car accident

All drivers in Ocala should know that they must operate their vehicles in such a way as to avoid causing unreasonable risks of harm to others on the road. This is true regardless of the driver's age or experience behind the wheel. Even law enforcement officers must follow this standard of care toward the safety of others.

Investigation can be key following a Florida car accident

Anyone in the Ocala area who has been in an auto accident knows that they happen very quickly. Sometimes, the parties involved may not really even have a good grasp of how the accident unfolded. Thus, the people involved may have differing accounts of what happened. In situations like this, a thorough accident investigation is imperative in figuring out which driver was primarily responsible for causing the accident.

What is a wrongful death lawsuit?

Each year, far too many Florida residents unexpectedly lose their lives. Whether the death is a result of a work accident, a motor vehicle accident or medical malpractice, the victim's family is often left wondering how and why the fatal accident occurred. After the initial shock and grief, the family may start to think about whether they have a legal cause of action against a person or company that may have contributed to the accident.

Car accident claims life of star athlete

Few things in life could be sadder than the unexpected death of a young person who is in the prime of their life. Unfortunately, this kind of thing does happen in Ocala and all throughout the country. A recent car accident is a prime example of this kind of tragic event.

Man struck and killed by plane suddenly landing on Florida beach

It is an unfortunate fact, but tragic incidents could occur at any time and affect individuals even if they were not directly involved in the situation. A fatal accident is a difficult event to move on from, and loved ones often face challenges in the coping process. The negligence of another person suddenly took the life of a loved one and family members are left to pick up the pieces while also dealing with the associated burdens. Such a tragic incident could lead to a cause of action that could assist family members with their losses and damages.

Multi-car fatal car accident occurs during rush hour

Drivers in Florida often encounter traffic on the roadways. Whether it is due to rush hour, construction, an accident, weather or heavy traffic, the major roads across the state are hazardous. When drivers are stuck in traffic, this often causes stress and even road rage. Drivers are usually in a hurry to get to their destination and, when they are running late due to traffic, a driver could fail to properly pay attention. This could lead to a serious or fatal car accident affects numerous vehicles on the road.

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