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Taking a look at Florida motorcycle accident statistics

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 4,957 people died in motorcycle crashes and 93,000 were injured in a motorcycle accident in 2012 across the United States. In Ocala, Florida, it is very important for victims of a motorcycle accident and family members who have lost someone in a fatal motorcycle crash to closely review what happened and do everything in their ability to hold the negligent party accountable. Depending on the circumstances surrounding a motorcycle collision, some people decide to speak with a legal professional and file a lawsuit.

What are the costs of brain injuries from motorcycle accidents?

Any time that a person suffers a serious head injury, the risks of brain damage can become a pressing concern for doctors, the patient and the patient's family. These kinds of injuries can happen in a number of different ways, one of which is motor vehicle accidents. Specifically, brain injuries from motorcycle accidents take a costly toll when it comes to both the health and financial costs of a victim.

What are the characteristics of motorcycle accidents?

Ocala area residents who ride motorcycles must have legal authorization to do so. Under Florida law, all riders must either have a motorcycle designation on their driver's license, or must have a license specifically for riding motorcycles. Part of the licensing process is that all applicants must take a riding safety course. Accordingly, any licensed motorcyclist in the state of Florida should appreciate the inherent dangers of riding a motorcycle.

Helmets matter when it comes to motorcycle accidents

People in the Ocala area who have a family member that rides a motorcycle likely have some fear about the possibility that their loved one will suffer catastrophic injuries or even death in a motorcycle accident. But trying to dissuade a friend or family member from doing something they enjoy is usually a lost cause. Making motorcycle riding as safe as possible may therefore be a wiser course of action for people who are trying to influence riding enthusiasts they know.

Florida motorcycle accidents on the rise

Because of Florida's favorable climate and tax laws, the state has long been a popular home for people in their retirement years. However, retirees are not the only ones who are moving to Florida. The state's overall population is growing, meaning that more and more people from all walks of life are calling Florida their home. Likewise, motorcyclists are drawn to the state because unlike other states, the Florida weather allows them to ride all year long.

Van collides with motorcycle resulting in fatality

Riding a motorcycle in Florida is a common activity seen and enjoyed by residents and visitors of the state. Although these small vehicles frequent the roadways across the state, some drivers fail to notice them in their surrounding area. This often occurs when a driver does not double-check their mirrors and blind spots. Furthermore, these small vehicles can easily go unnoticed if a driver does not take the time to yield to oncoming traffic and check for all vehicles before making a turn or traveling through an intersection. Failing to do so could result in a serious collision.

Fatal motorcycle crash at Florida intersection

Florida residents may be aware that some vehicles present more risks than others. When it comes to motorcycles, there are various dangers associated with the size of the vehicle and the safety it provides. These small vehicles can often go unseen by other motorists. If a driver fails to check their blind spots, mirror and oncoming traffic, they could easily collide with them. Furthermore, if a motorcycle accident occurs, motorcycles do not offer the same safety features provided in automobiles. The impact of a collision could cause the motorcyclist to eject from their bike. A helmet can only offer so much protection and might not prevent a head injury, serious bodily injuries and even death.

Motorcyclist dies after Florida crash last month

For motorcyclists, many dangers and risks are present on the roadways. Even when the rider and their passengers take precautions such as wearing a helmet, if a negligent driver strikes the motorcycle or causes it to lose control, this could lead to serious and even fatal injuries. These small vehicles can easily go unnoticed due to their ability to hide in a driver's blind spot. If a driver fails to check their blind spots, they could collide with the motorcyclist and cause a fatal motorcycle accident.

Heed May's motorcycle message all year long in Ocala

May has been designated Motorcycle Safety Awareness month, and the Florida Highway Patrol has joined in a nationwide campaign to spread the message to “Share the Road.” This message applies to drivers and riders alike, especially in the sunny state of Florida.

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