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Just how dangerous are drowsy drivers?

While you have likely heard stories about drowsy drivers causing accidents in Ocala, your primary concern on the road likely remains drivers whose impairment can actually be proven, such as those under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Yet have you ever contemplated just how impaired one becomes following several consecutive hours without sleep? Like drunk or drugged drivers, drowsy drivers may see their reaction times hindered dramatically, while the persistent blinking of their eyes and momentary moments of sleep diverts their attention from the road. By way of comparison, the National Sleep Foundation’s website reports that one who been awake for 18 straight hours can experience the same level of impairment as one whose blood-alcohol content is .08 percent.

Understanding dram shop liability

Too many of the Ocala clients that we’ve worked with here at the King Law Firm have to discover what it is like to deal with the aftermath of a drunk driving accident. When you are the victim of a drunk driver, the foremost question in your mind after why someone would choose to drive after drinking may be who could have contributed to the at-fault driver’s drunken state. While it is important not to overlook a person’s own accountability in such a situation, the question may still linger as to whether or not the person or establishment who helped get him or her drunk should also share some of the liability.

Negotiating a settlement following a car accident

One of the common concerns that Ocala County clients have when they come to us here at the King Law Firm following a car accident is whether they will have to sue in order to get their expenses paid. You likely share this same concern. However, you may be surprised to learn that, at least according to the American Judges Association, only 3 percent of civil cases every actually get to the point of a jury trial. Yet even if your case does not go to trial, you still need to be prepared to fight for the compensation that you deserve.

Helping those whose loved one died in a car crash

When someone loses a close friend or a family member in a fatal motor vehicle accident, life may permanently change for them. Not only do people in this position often struggle with a loss of companionship and unbearable emotional pain, but some are also impacted financially. At the King Law Firm, we strive to help people in Ocala and other parts of Florida who are facing these challenges personally.

Florida car accident claims life of driver

From someone who is texting and driving to a drunk driver, there are many examples of reckless behavior on the road. Sadly, negligent and dangerous drivers continue to cause serious car collisions in Ocala, Florida, and across the United States. Car accidents often have serious ramifications for those involved in the crash and even their loved ones. Whether someone is injured in a car accident or a family struggles with the death of a loved one, it is pivotal for people who are going through this to explore every option.

Reviewing the prevalence of fatal car accidents

According to information published on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's site, there were 30,057 fatal traffic crashes in 2013. Among these crashes, more than 16,400 drivers and over 8,500 passengers were killed in a car accident, while additional deadly accidents involved pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists. In Ocala, and across the state of Florida, car accidents are a very serious and potentially life-threatening problem. In order to save lives, it is important for drivers to recognize the dangers and find ways to reduce the likelihood of a deadly traffic crash.

How can people prevent car accident injuries and deaths?

Car crashes take place in the United States at an alarming rate. Whether you drive in Ocala, Florida, or anywhere else in the country, it is smart to identify strategies to prevent car accidents and find ways to lessen the likelihood of injuries and deaths when they do occur. These accidents can result in a number of hardships that make life difficult for those affected, such as the loss of a friend or family member, serious injury, burdensome medical expenses and other problems. By keeping safety tips in mind while driving, you may be able to avoid an accident.

Florida car accident claims 5 lives

When an auto accident takes place, those involved may suffer a serious injury or pass away. In Ocala, and throughout the state of Florida, these accidents occur at a frightening rate. When someone is hit by a negligent driver, they may experience a number of hardships, including medical expenses, physical pain and injuries that interrupt their life. In order to piece their life back together, victims of these wrecks should examine their situation and may want to consider taking legal action to receive compensation that can help them move forward.

Lending a hand to victims of drunk driving accidents

Every year, an unacceptable number of people suffer serious injuries and pass away because a drunk driver made the irresponsible decision to get behind the wheel. In Ocala, Florida, people who are dealing with this firsthand may have no idea where to turn or what to do next. If you are struggling because of a drunk driving accident that was caused by a reckless driver, it is important to thoroughly analyze the details of the incident and take action as soon as possible. At the King Law Firm, we understand how physically and emotionally painful this experience can be and remain committed to helping our clients move forward.

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